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List of Best Car Brands Logos Worldwide with Names

Cars have become more than just a means of transport; they have become a lifestyle. Everyone wants to be associated with a certain car brand. Now-a-days Cars are built to be a symbol of class and prestige for any brand. There is nothing better that represents the status of a brand than a good logo. To fully bring out a particular brand’s status, logos must be more than brand names of cars with pictures.

All brand logos go hand in hand in sophistication and appeal with the name of the brand. By default, a good brand must have an equally good logo. Car brands logos and names are the first things the customer comes into contact with. We will take a look at some the best and most prestigious car brand logos and names below:-

BMW: Undoubtedly, BMW is one of the most popular and elegant German car brands logos and names. The logo boasts of simplicity and sophistication more than anything else. Most of the people think that the logo represents an aircraft propeller; nothing could be much further from the truth. The BMW logo is a combination of Rapp Motorenwerke’s logo and the Bavarian flag’s colors. Rapp Motorenwerke is the company from which BMW grew.

BMW Car Logo

Lamborghini: Lamborghini is one of the most popular car brands logos and names in the whole world. As a symbol of the brand’s commitment to speed and power, the logo shows a charging bull. The name Lamborghini was the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s last name. Ferruccio who started out building tractors, was a Taurus. The Taurus sign is that of a charging bull and so nothing could best represent his brand than this logo.

Lamborghini Car Logo

Ferrari: Ferrari is one of those car brands logos and name that denote class best in the world. Ferraris are best known around the world for their speed. Nothing could express this better than their logo which is of a prancing black horse. The horse is usually in a yellow background with either name Ferrari or the initials SF the name Ferrari is the last name of Scuderia Ferrari, the brand’s founder.

Ferrari Logo

Jaguar: Jaguar’s logo is one of the most stylish car brand logos in the car’s world. It is of a jumping jaguar, it is supposed to show the brand’s commitment to power and performance. The Jaguar is usually silver in color.

Jaguar’s Logo

Those are just some of the few amazing car brands logos and names in the world. There are still a few more; which one is your favorite?

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