If you think about the best and highest quality automobiles available in the world no doubt you will instantly think of some Italian car brands here http://www.carshelpline.com/italian-car-brands/. Whether it’s the timelessly popular Italian cars like the fiat 500 or the high-speed expensive Italian cars like the world famous Ferrari or Lamborghini brands, one thing Italians do very well is manufacture automobiles.

It’s not all down to the cars however, as the American or Japanese car brands don’t make bad racers either, so why the automobile obsession with Italian car brands?

Expensive Italian Cars

It seems there is also a certain amount of romanticism behind the idea of those Italian mechanics and industry men back in the 1950s and 1960s, constantly competing against each other to be the best, the sleekest, the fasters. Great competition leads to great progress and that certainly happened in the Italian car industry through those decades. This can perhaps explain why, out of the five most expensive cars ever sold, four of them are Italian car brands from the era. In fact not only all Italian, but all four are Ferraris as well.

So, why are Ferraris the most popular and the most expensive car in the world? Why are Ferraris the most desirable? That’s surely a question for marketing, but one question we can answer is just how expensive these Ferraris are. The most money ever paid for a car at auction was in 2012, when an unnamed buyer paid $38,115,000 for a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

The Ferrari 250 GTO was not always the most expensive car of all time, when it was originally sold it went for just $18,000. However only 39 of the car were ever make, so they became collector’s item almost overnight. Furthermore the 250 GTO sold in 2012 was not just any old car; it had been made specifically for Stirling Moss, the Great British motoring champion.


But it wasn’t this celebrity connection that made the Ferrari 250 GTO the most expensive car ever sold. Just the following year another of these 39 supercars came up for private sale. What made this one special? It had the unique chassis number 5111 GT which was apparently enough to break the record all over again. 5111 GT sold for $52,000.000.

These obscene amounts of money being spent on vintage Italian car brands prove the economy. Things only have value because we believe them to, and the glamour and romance of Italian cars are unparalleled. It’s been over five years and those two 250 GTOs are still the most expensive Italian cars ever sold. It seems we can only expect the value of a unique Ferrari or other popular Italian car, to go up into the future.